Ahi Poke

The aromatic freshness of the ahi tuna does a beautiful tango with zesty lemon juice, nutty sesame and tart soy sauce creating one of the greatest tastes known to mankind’s palette. Ok, probably not the greatest taste, especially if you’re allergic to seafood or have no desire to eat raw dishes. But if you absolutely love sushi, you’ll definitely have to give this dish a try.

Our ingredient list is very minimal, but could be quite pricey. All the ingredients will be listed without measurements. The good thing about this recipe… and just about any recipe is that everything should be done to taste. You know what you like– you know what pleases your taste buds.

I like to start off with fresh produce and seafood from my local grocery store. Here I have 1/2 point of fresh, sushi-grade ahi tuna. This gorgeous piece of meat could run your grocery bill up about $25 a pound. I find that one lemon and two stems of scallions suffice for my slab of tuna.

The seasoning items I like to use are sesame oil, sesame seeds, citrus-flavored soy sauce and Korean rice syrup. For the sesame oil, a very little goes an extremely long way. Regular soy sauce works just as fine as the citrus soy sauce. I absolutely LOVE the flavor of the citrus soy sauce, but because we are adding a lemon, I feel it’s kind of unnecessary. If you don’t have Korean rice syrup, a normal agave syrup or corn syrup will suffice. This is what allows the flavors to stick to the tuna.

I like to toast the sesame seeds and scallions together. This is where I make use of the sesame oil. While you could add it to the mixture (again, depending on your taste buds), I find that it truly flavors the meal when you use it to toast the sesame seeds.

I poured my mixture of a drop of Korean rice syrup, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce and the juice of one lemon into the tuna. I sprinkled the sesame seeds and scallions in and mixed well.  After about an hour of soaking, the meal was ready to eat.

And, of course, there’s nothing better than having a light desert afterward.

  • http://mymostcoveted.blogspot.com Jennifer

    Yum! This looks amazing, can’t wait to try marinating with citrus soy sauce. I also love marinating with a bit of red wine vinegar and hoisin sauce.

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  • http://beautylove7694.blogspot.com antonella_7694

    Ohh,this made me so hungry:)