1Face: A watch for a great cause!

When it comes to watches, my husband and I have a slight addiction… And by slight addiction, I mean we spare no cost when it comes to a watch we absolutely love. About two months ago, I stumbled upon 1FaceWatch and was completely intrigued by its smooth interface and simple design. (And who am I kidding? The narcissist in me was totally attracted to its reflective face.)

Because I was (and kinda still am…) living on the “no blow dinero” kind of lifestyle where I only buy what is absolutely necessary (yeah, I’ve kinda been lenient with this money-saving tactic lately), I was pretty hesitant to pay the $40. It wasn’t until I watched the video on the website, that I decided it was definitely worth every penny.

[vimeo 98086335 w=500 h=281] *Official video of 1FW.

I first purchased the black one on a whim. I have to say– I almost had a bad experience with customer service. I placed the order, but did not have any status update for nearly two weeks. It took me e-mailing the company three times only to get a response that the warehouse was backed up. While this may be upsetting for the average consumer to feel like you’ve almost been scammed, trust me when I say patience is always key.

The way I viewed the delay in shipping is this– I paid $40 for the watch and $5 for shipping. While the website did suggest I’d get the watch within two weeks, there are definitely far worse things in the world. I thought about that $40 I paid— forty dollars that I luxuriously spent. Forty dollars that would have otherwise gone to another selfish purchase. It was forty dollars that I had in my possession that millions of other people in the world would die for– forty dollars that could potentially save a life. I’m 100% for donating money to charities, and what better way to help out than to receive something tangible in return.

The first watch I purchased was the black watch that supports 8 cancer patients. Now I know $40 would barely go anywhere, but it’s not going toward curing cancer or paying for their bills. It goes to supporting them. I don’t care if it’s just to provide a sympathy card or possibly a meal for cancer patients. All that matters is that it goes to supporting them in their struggle. (For those who don’t know, I did lose my father to lung cancer when I was merely 12.)

After about a week, I realized how much my husband had been eyeing my watch. I asked him if he wanted one, to which he anxiously said “yes.” I asked him what cause he would like to support, but because he’s more about the look, he simply said, “the black one.” I thought to myself, “I can buy another black one for him or give him mine and support another cause.”

The next cause I chose to support came to me as I was drinking a bottle of water. I had over 120 bottles of water left over from a BBQ my office held back in May. As I was drinking a bottle out of the bunch, I realized– there are more people who need these bottles of water than me. I only had them because no one else had room in their house for all the cases. I decided to first donate the left over cases of water to a local homeless shelter and then decided right then and there to spread the love by choosing the water cause.

This go-around, I thought I was going to experience the same customer service. I hadn’t received any status as far as processing and shipping the order went. I emailed the company, thinking I would have to repeat the previous process mentioned above. Literally that very same day, the watch appeared in my mailbox. Overall, it took a total of 9 days to arrive, which was way quicker than expected. I was absolutely thrilled.

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*This post is absolutely NOT sponsored by 1 Face Watch. The watches were all purchased by me.

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    Great post love!You have an amazing blog!Following you now via GFC,hope you’ll do the same!

    xoxo Antonella <3

  • http://kya.nu Kya

    That is really cool. I had never heard of these watches before. I love the idea that you can support many different causes and feel like you are helping people. The design is quite clever as well, because you see yourself and know you have made a difference, however small.

    That was so lovely of you to also donate the water bottles. I am sure that would be appreciated so much! 😀

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    That is so cool! I love this idea. Doing things for a good cause always gives you such a great feeling inside! Loving your blog btw! You defiantly gained a follow from me!