My not-so-typical baby-making guide.

So here’s the beginning to a story you’ll probably hear from me over and over again. This story started over two years ago when my husband (then boyfriend) and I started trying for a baby. We weren’t actually “trying” as much as we were just “not preventing” it from happening. As with any other relationship, I’ve always been cautious about all things (dare I say?) sexual. I was the type to be on a birth control AND use protection; for every prevention reason you could imagine. Here’s my view of what typically happens when people don’t use protection or preventative measures:

When we decided to stop preventing a pregnancy, we knew things wouldn’t happen immediately. My husband had been medically examined as a teen, where they told him he would be unable to have a child. Fast forward to 2007, he miraculously had one. I can’t tell you how long he had been… I can’t say “trying” because he wasn’t really…. going at it without any protection?that sounds right… I can’t tell you how about he ended up with a child because it just happened for him. For us… it’s been a different story:

Needless to say, we’ve been going through the daunting process of trying to figure out what, if anything, is wrong with either of us. And to make a morbid picture worse, here’s a quick snap of one of the things I’ve been through so far:

I know they say that it’ll happen when the times right. And,trust me when I say we will be patient. We just want to make sure there’s nothing medically wrong with us as we continue this journey.

4 thoughts on “My not-so-typical baby-making guide.

  1. i really hope it happens for you really soon!

    going through a kind of similar thing, i think the best thing is making sure to talk to your husband about literally anything either of you are worried about, and keep your hopes up!

    helen rose x

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