The Vow VoxBox: Sneak Peek

Someone came barking in the house this morning! Doorstop Pup hauled in a brightly-colored robin egg blue box, courtesy of Influenster. This Vow VoxBox was inspired by the upcoming wedding season. From your skincare to your clothes, this little beast offers everything you need, but will probably forget to bring on the big day.

Stay tuned to see individual reviews of the products over the next week. I typically do one overall review of the entire box, but given that I’m on “No Blow Dinero,” I figured, this would be the easiest way to provide quality content without me breaking my budget.

VoxBoxes are 100% absolutely free. All you need are active social media accounts and the motivation to fill out a survey here and there. (I’m not talking those pesky “get paid to take a survey” type of things either…) If you would like to try Influenster, please leave your email below and I will send you a personal invite link. (And no, I don’t make any money off of this website or the invite.)

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