Our return to 4 Seasons Grille

My husband and I returned to our favorite dine-in restaurant– 4 Seasons Grille. The last time we went, Brandon ordered lobster ravioli. To my surprise and amazement, he ordered the same item. They serve the dish by the number of pasta patties(? Is that right?)– four and six. We both thought four raviolis would not be enough, so he ordered six.

The sauce was an unbelievably creamy cheese and lobster sauce. It was entirely smooth and rich and flavorful. Little chunks of lobster filled the ravioli. When my husband finished the pasta patties (screw it– we are officially referring to ravioli as ‘pasta patties’), he set his plate to the side for the waiter to grab. I uncontrollably scooped the remainder of the sauce with a piece of french bread. The waiter came by and started to pick the dish up as I reached out my arms to snatch it back from him.

My meal was just as delicious– an ahi tuna salad with scallops and lemon lime vinaigrette. I asked for my tuna to be medium rare, and I’m so thankful that I did. The slightly cooked edges gave the tuna a beautiful smoked flavor. The menu had the salad dressed with a Thai peanut sauce. I couldn’t imagine something so rich in flavor on a light fresh fillet. I knew their lemon lime vinaigrette would have been better paired with the tuna, but didn’t want the dressing to dominate the flavor. So I asked for it on the side. It was probably the best choice I’ve made all week.

Baltimore, MD

I travelled to Baltimore yesterday in search of a bead shop. Although the town is not far from where I live, I tend to avoid it for the same reason I avoid the heart of D.C.. It was early on Saturday, I was all alone and I figured– why the heck not?

During my trips to Baltimore, I tend to stay around the upscale (heh!) part of the Inner Harbor. The gems scattered through the the city are far more inspiring than the typical Forever 21 and Urban Outfitter-type shops. This shop featured items EXTREMELY unique and incredibly whimsical. If I had more time on my parking meter, I definitely would have stayed longer. The shop owners in all the stores were so nice and inviting. One even had hot apple cider and finger food elegantly laid out for visitors.

I need to return with my actual photography camera to get better shots. All of these were taken with my iPhone. I hadn’t planned on seeing such beautiful sights because, as I mentioned earlier, I only stay in the familiar areas.

All night long.

Kitties are all the rage these days. And if you have one (or two or three….) of your own, you’ll know why. There’s just something addicting about the little creatures. These adorable time pieces were a mere $15 at Charming Charlie.

How many of you ladies are like me? You get bored while walking around the mall that you decide to try on the most ridiculous dresses ever. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this… PLEASE?! I loaded a bunch of sparkly & glittery dresses on to my arm and trotted happily to the fitting room. I hadn’t realized that Charlotte Russe was having a sale on all their apparel; had I known this, I would have taken the choices more seriously.

Whilst beautiful to the girly eye, this dress was an absolute nightmare. Throughout the five minutes of selfie-partying, my arms started to itch like crazy from the sequins on the sleeve.

I’ve always wanted to find a one-shoulder dress that actually looks good on my body. This one was no exception to the epic fail of a quest. Not to mention the pattern and color were just wrong. I should also add that by the end of the fun, the entire dressing room was left a glittery mess.