My first running injury story retold.

I’ve been MIA lately, but here’s a quick recap:

On the 12th of October I ran the annual Army 10-Miler. Although I had not prepared as much as I would have liked, I did manage to complete the run nearly a minute apart from last year. I honestly thought I was going to run it exponentially slower considering the lack of training, but I was extremely proud of my results.
On the 13th, I spent my day off of work walking around a mall. I should have known it was a mistake when my foot started giving me hell. I had a pitstop at Brookstone to test out their shiatsu massagers, but regrettably left empty-handed.
On the 14th, I was hobbling along, thinking to myself that the pain would subside. The pain was manageable in the morning, but got substantially worse by the afternoon. I literally felt like something sharp had poked straight through my shoe and foot.
On the 15th, I celebrated my 27th birthday at the hospital getting X-rays. They chalked it up to a sprained foot because there was absolutely no fractures visible in the X-ray.
On the 18th, I tried running for the first time since injuring my foot. My ran lasted about 15 seconds before the pain returned.
On the 19th, I purchased the shiatsu massager I tried out on the 13th with a doubtful mind. I used it for the duration of the 30-minute time limit (it automatically shuts off), followed by the heating pad for 10 minutes.
On the 20th, I woke up a new woman. I ran an entire mile without any pain in my foot. (My other foot hurt, as did my shins. I blame it on the over-compensation.) I still don’t know how I sprained my foot. I showed no signs of pain during or after the run. All I know is that I’m so thankful it was VERY temporary.

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Beauty Haul: The 3-year wait.

So here’s the deal– when it comes to buying absolutely anything in person, I am completely impulsive. I can walk into Sephora and Ulta, pack my shopping bag up with just the most random beauty items and buy them all on a whim. When it comes to shopping online, I find that I always end up talking myself out of items from my shopping cart. I will literally make it to the confirmation page when I just find myself closing the entire web browser down. These items have been on my “wish list” for several years, and I finally decided to purchase them.

This Coastal Scents palette was $16.95 (here). I’ve been doing a lot more contouring lately, and this palette is a perfect start. The colors are really warm. I know BH Cosmetics has a similar palette that is more for cool-toned skin colors.

Here’s swatches of the top row. I find that the first three colors work well as concealers for me. The last brown is a bit too dark for my skin tone right now. It definitely looks like patchy spray tan on my face.

Here’s the bottom row. Just like the last brown color on the top row, the last two on this row are definitely way too dark for my winter-pale skin. I can’t wait for next year’s summer season where I’m sure I could pull these tan colors off. In the mean time, I’ll stick with the first three colors for contouring and highlighting.

This Sigmax Kabuki Kit from Sigma run around $96.00 (here). I may be wrong, but I believe these were around $68 when they were first released. Or maybe I’m being dyslexic and it was actually $86. Either way, they were definitely no where near the price they are today. I definitely went browsing for a coupon code to help lessen the blow. My favorite has definitely been the F80 (I know, I’m late jumping on this bandwagon).

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Goji Berries!

Just the other day, I was stopped by someone at work whilst on my way to my cubicle. “What’s that red stuff in your tea?” they asked. A quick answer turned into a 10-minute conversation that seemed to interest those around us. I realized right then that I have never shared my favorite secret weapon.

Goji berries have been receiving quite the hype in recent days, claiming it’s superfood power over previous fruits such as pomegranate and açaí berries. Goji berries have been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. These little babies are packed full of antioxidants and beta-carotene. While there hasn’t been medical proof, these berries claim to clear skin, rid your body of toxins and help support healthy eyes.

The consumption possibilities are endless. If I want a quick snack, I’ll grab a hand full and eat them like raisins. If I want to add a little sweetness to my oatmeal, I typically sprinkle them on top. My favorite way to use goji berries is to add them to a detox tea.

The berries not only help add flavor, it surprisingly sweetens the tea to my liking. You can add these berries to any tea for flavor. You could also add it straight to your water bottle for a sweet, yet tart flavoring. My absolute favorite part about finishing the drink is being able to eat the water-filled berries afterward. They puff up just the slightest bit, so when you take your first bite into it, all the flavor comes rushing out.

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Let’s talk supplements!

I’m a huge fan of reading other females’ supplement lists on and have mimicked many of their intake. However, I started to realize that we have completely different goals. While I do want to gain muscle mass, I’m a huge fan of remaining tone and lean without looking like I can physically dominate my husband. I also run. With that said, I have developed a list of supplements I’ve found to work amazing for my body– both inside and out.



I first purchased this Vitapak from GNC several years ago. I wanted to get into supplements, but didn’t feel like doing too much research. Time after time, I would ween myself off the vitamins and start a more personalized mix of supplements. Nothing seemed to ever work as good. I finally gave up my quest and decided to stick to this. It’s quick (grab and go versus pre-packing vitamin holders), easy (you don’t have to think about what to use), cheap (about $50 a box) AND IT WORKS. It literally will take about a week of taking these vitamins, mixed with my usual workouts and cardio to see the fat melt off my bones and start to see the muscles popping out of my skin.


When it comes to pre-workouts, I’m extremely picky. I hate the tingling feeling as my blood starts rushing through my body. I also hate how fast my heart starts beating, especially when it comes time for cardio. This pre-workout from NLA for Her gives me just the boost I need when I feel sluggish and unmotivated. It immediately perks me up without making my skin feel like thousands of ants are crawling under it. Bonus points for the flavor!



The final supplement is a must for anyone serious about fitness and nutrition. There’s no telling how many times I’ve seen females start a workout regiment and decide to skip protein all together. You could see their body physically eating away at the muscles they train so hard to build. Your muscles need food in order to grow and repair itself. It won’t get that from a plain salad or a coveted juice cleanse. Your muscles need protein. While too much protein can be dangerous to the body, a good rule of thumb is to drink a serving within 15-30 minutes of completing a strenuous work out.

*Disclaimer: I have since stopped the Vitapak and the Pre-Workout within the past two months. Because of the medication I have been taking and the fact that my chances of becoming pregnant are higher now, I have decided to rid my body of anything that may be harmful to the baby. If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, please talk to your doctor before starting any supplement or workout regiment.

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Hello, October!

It’s the first day of my absolutely FAVORITE month. It seems as though October brings a turning of a new leaf. To me, it’s more exciting than New Year’s. There’s just something magical about the drop in temperature, the beautiful hues of fall showing up in nature, the clothes, the drinks, the scents. (You really don’t get those with New Year’s.) The other thing I absolutely love about October is the fact that it’s my birth month.

There are so many changes I want to make this month, so many things I want to do and accomplish. Most notably, I am taking part in Gala Darling’s Instagram challenge: #lovetober. Here are the daily challenges. You can view my Instagram feed on the sidebar or over here.


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