Wednesday’s Workout: Bicep Burnout

Today’s workout features an easy burnout that leverages such an immediate burn and everlasting soreness. (Ok, so the soreness goes away within 48 hours…) I like to start off every bicep workout with a super set. I tend to favor the infamous “21s”, used to quickly get the blood flowing through the biceps. 21 refers to the number of reps in the superset, and there are variations to reaching the number. The one I chose for this burnout is dropping in weights.

*For the standing concentrated dumbbell curls, you’re going to want to focus on the entire motion, bringing the weight up slow and drawing it back down in the same slow pace. Don’t rush through it. Take a moment to feel and appreciate the burn.
bicep burnout


*Download and print a blank version of chart here!

Let me know how it goes & let me know what your favorite bicep workout is in the comments section.

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Ellicott City, MD

My vacation ends in about three days, which means I’ll get back to posting regular fitness, health and nutrition posts. But for the mean time, here’s a few more from our adventures around the state.

My mother and I decided to venture through Ellicott City. We were looking for an area with the not-so-typical chain stores with hidden gems in the form of coffee shops. When we saw that this was a French-inspired town, we absolutely jumped on the opportunity to cruise through Main Street.

Check out the creepy Santa face on the right.

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4 Seasons Grille, Annapolis

My mother and I visited a local favorite of mine for dinner. My mom is the world’s biggest food critic, especially when it comes to dining out. She’s had no formal training when it comes to food, but man can she get down in the kitchen.

My mom’s main course featured the best, most tender and juicy sirloin I have tried in a while. To top it off, she had a side of extremely creamy mashed potatoes. Talk about perfection.

I regrettably played it safe with my spicy Thai chicken salad. I really wish I had chosen the same item as my mom.

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Downtown Annapolis, MD

My mother and I spent three hours walking around downtown Annapolis. Though I’ve been to the town a handful of times, I had never ventured by foot through the downtown area. It was such a beautiful, cool day in Maryland so I decided to take my mother for a day-stroll. We intended on simply sight-seeing, but ended up walking in and out of every shop.

There are so many cute treasures to find throughout the city. I wish I can bottle everything up and put them in my pocket.

The area was a perfect juxtaposition between beautiful and haunting.



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